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Steps to the restoration process

1. Consultation


          -We always discuss with our clients what there goals are. We would need to know if the end result is a:


  • Resto-rod

  • Make over

  • Driver Restoration

  • Number matching pedigree award winner

  • Client assisted restoration

  • Other

4. Part Analysis


  • Parts will be examined for condition to determine whether the part is left as is, restored, or replaced with a quality reproduction or a new old stock part.


6. Assembly


  • It’s now time to make your dream come to life. With your completely restored frame the parts are reassembled using meticulous recreation. This process is not like an assembly line. Care and compassion will be put into each project. If any issues are encountered, you will be notified and no alterations will be done without your approval. Multiple photos will be taken so you too can watch your dream come alive.

2. Examination


  • No two restorations are ever the same and during this step we will get a better understanding of the condition of your vehicle

3. Disassembly


  • During this step all parts and fasteners will be bagged, tagged, and cataloged.

  • Parts will be photographed and filed.

  • Any suprises during this process, the client will be notified immediately.

5. Preparation for Assembly


  • We use as many of the original parts as possible. Not only will they look better in terms of preserving the original appearance but they'll also save you money on replacements. We take the time to restore them to their original condition whenever possible. Each part of your vehicle will be restored, repaired, and replaced with care and to your desires.

7. Delivery


  • Now your vehicle has been checked thoroughly for proper functioning and safe drivability. It’s ready for your final inspection. We have the ability to deliver your gem to you wrapped securely in a covered trailer or pick up your ride in person. This is what we enjoy the most, watching your face light up with the old memories you had and the ones you will have. It’s the time when you get the chance to do what you probably haven’t done in many years, take your brand new restored automobile for a drive and re-live some of the best memories in your life.


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