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Sometimes we are asked if we can estimate the cost of a build. The best we can do is a “guesstimate”. The reason for this is you have yourself the following questions:

~ How much rust does your project have?
~ How many parts need replaced?
We will always use the highest quality of parts available however, all reproduction parts are not created equal and some additional attention maybe needed to meet our standards.
~ How much time will it take to locate and purchase each part?
~ What will the quality level of the parts be that are available such as used, reproduction or new old stock.?
If no parts are available, how long will it take to fabricate or build parts needed?

Because of the unknown with any restoration project our billing process is “by the hour” on all labor including shop materials used on all projects. We will always seek our client’s approval as your project progresses.

NO Profit on Materials / Parts

We charge for the time spent finding parts and specific materials on a project; however the cost of the specific materials and parts are passed through to our clients at “our cost” and can be billed to the client with thier approval and a copy of the original invoice will be sent as an attachment with the monthly invoice.

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