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Erlinger Restorations, LLC. is a company started by Ron Erlinger who has thirty years experience in Restoring Custom Cars, Muscle cars, Hot Rods and Trucks of the highest level. Keeping a full range of services in house allows for creativity and attention to the details that make Erlinger Restorations unique, and affords the personal touches for the individual customer.


Restoration for Any Budget

We can do any level of restoration to fit any budget, from weekend cruisers to “trailered only beauties”.

Don't Sweat It..... Upgrade your Classic

Need air conditioning added to your classic? No problem. Or maybe power steering, power disc brakes? We can do almost anything to enhance your driving comfort and safety.

Customer Assisted Restorations

Some of our customers are extremely talented craftsmen who merely lack the tools, facilities or knowledge to get to the point where they are off and running with their restoration. For these enthusiast, we offer whatever services are needed to get you through that step from engine/drivetrain building, wiring, body work, metal fabrication, interior, building suspension or brake restoration. and everything in between.

Erlinger Restorations Call


For Your Project Consultation

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